Redmine Ticket Face


Last week in a flurry of Puppet development I had an idea for another Puppet sub-command, this one designed to allow you to log Puppet trouble tickets via the command line. It’s not hugely practical - you can query and create Redmine tickets - but I thought the example might prove useful to someone. It’s called Puppet-Ticket-Face. Currently Puppet Faces are only supported in Puppet 2.7.0 and later (2.7.0 is currently an RC but will hopefully be out soon!) and distributing them requires placing them into Puppet’s load path. They’ll shortly be distributable as Puppet modules using pluginsync. So to install the GitHub face for now clone the git repository:

$ git clone git://

Copy the relevant files into your Puppet master’s path (for example on Debian/Ubuntu into a source-based install).

$ cp -R lib/puppet/* /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/puppet

You can then see if the GitHub Face is installed like so:

$ puppet help

You should see the GitHub face listed in the available Puppet commands and you can now use it to query or create tickets. For example to list a ticket specify its ticket number:

$ puppet ticket list --ticket 1234

To create a ticket specify the create directive and the --token flag with your Redmine user API token (you can see it here).

$ puppet ticket create --token 123456789ABC

Hope someone finds this useful!