About Me

I’m a late twenty early mid late-thirty forty something guy who lives in Brooklyn, New York. I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia via Sydney and a few other places.

I am a CTO in residence at Microsoft. I was previously a founder and CTO at Empatico, CTO at Kickstarter, VP of Services at Docker, VP of Engineering at Venmo, and VP Tech Operations for Puppet Labs. I have also published eleven technical books.

My interests include cooking, wine, political theory, photojournalism, philosophy, poetry. I enjoy good conversation, laughter, reading, music, and my cats. Things that piss me off are jingoism, bad grammar, violence and cucumber.

P.S. I also have a sister who has complained about not being mentioned here – she lives in Melbourne, makes things with metal, curates, raises my wonderful niece, and shops. Usually for shoes.

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