Puppet Zendesk


In the vein of last week’s report processors I’ve got another one. The Puppet Zendesk report processor. Puppet Zendesk creates a ticket in your Zendesk help desk for a failed Puppet run with the name of the host that failed and the date. All log output for your Puppet run is also passed to Zendesk and added to the ticket. The Zendesk report processor is easy to install:

  1. Install the httparty and json gems on your Puppet master

    $ sudo gem install httparty json

  2. Install puppet-zendesk as a module in your Puppet master’s module path.

  3. Update the zendesk_site, zendesk_user and zendesk_password variables in the zendesk.yaml file. The user you specify will become the author of any tickets created the report processor. Copy the file to /etc/puppet/. An example file is included.

  4. Enable pluginsync and reports on your master and clients in puppet.conf

    [master] report = true reports = zendesk pluginsync = true [agent] report = true pluginsync = true

  5. Run the Puppet client and sync the report as a plugin Now when Puppet runs fail then a Zendesk ticket will be created with the output of the failed run as the description of the ticket.