So we’re off to Mexico for a week. Neither of us has been before and our expectations verge somewhere between roaming bands of mariarchi players and cartel gun battles. I am hopeful it’s not the latter.

We’re going to fly into Oaxaca, spend a few days there, doing some things that I am as yet a little vague about but will probably involve eating and drinking lots. Then we’re going to fly to Mexico City.

(Anyone ever flown AeroMexico? Am I taking life into hands? I guess I’ve flown Air Southern China and a bunch of tiny, weeny light planes in the Pacific and South East Asia so it can’t be all that bad - stops myself Googling their safety record).

In Mexico City we have pretty limited plans with only Trotsky’s house/museum and Frida Karlo’s ‘Casa Azul’ (“The Blue House”) on our list of things to see but there seems a long list of other possible things.

Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments anyways.

Oh and then I am in NOLA for a week including taking a day off to go visit New Iberia (I am apparently just going to miss the “World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off” too!) and see where all the James Lee Burke books are set. That should be cool fun albeit I will probably be the youngest person on the damn tour as per every literary tour I’ve ever taken.