Hello Jekyll


So here we are again with a new site design and a new blog engine. I discovered a while back that I had changed the way I write both professionally and for this blog. Basically I now write locally on my machine the vast majority of the time, version control everything (albeit I’ve never quite gone as far as Cory Doctorow does with Flashbake), and more and more prefer to write in something like Vim or in a Markdown-enabled simple editor like Emdee.

This means the Wordpress model didn’t overly suit me anymore and I decided I’d finally get around to converting my site to use Jekyll. The process was pretty simple:

  • A new layout which I thought was in line with my new workflow
  • Converted posts (yes I know some early posts have some crap formatting in places)
  • Added some plugins for creating tags, categories, ordinal dates and some other tweaks
  • Added Disqus to handle the comments and converted my existing comments

The only gotcha is that my sitemap and RSS feeds will have probably been reconstructed so you might see some older posts as new posts. Apologies for that. :(

Overall though it’ll hopefully mean I write more. Well that’s the theory anyway.