Bunraku V0.0.3


I introduced Bunraku earlier in the week. It was a bit POC and messy in places so I took some time to clean it up tonight and release v0.0.3. The major changes are:

  • Added /node/detail/node_id screen that shows details from the specific run (linked as a click-thru from the specific run on main pages (see picture).


  • Added /node/ screen that shows all runs from that node
  • Now uses Redis hashes instead of storing JSON - The overall code has been refactored and cleaned up in a lot of places
  • The report processor is much cleaned up and simpler to understand

The unfortunate piece is that to upgrade you’ll need to flush your existing Redis data (I promise I won’t do this to you again … the refactor to make this a lot better involved me slapping my head at my previously stupid approach) and start again. As always hope it’s useful to someone and patches and input welcomed.