Beginnings with Docker Inc


Some of you are aware that Venmo was recently acquired by PayPal. I decided after a lot of soul searching that this wasn’t a move I was interested in making. Sadly as a result I am moving on from my role as VP of Engineering at Venmo.

At the same time I’ve been talking to the team at Docker Inc about their roadmap and plans as part of my work on The Docker Book. When Ben and Solomon heard I was leaving Venmo they asked if I might be interested in joining Docker Inc as VP of Services.

Docker Inc is in a very similar place to where Puppet Labs was several years ago with a plan to build partnerships, services and product around open source Docker. For me, especially given my role at Puppet Labs helping build in that space between sales, support, services, integration and ecosystem, this is the perfect opportunity. It’s rare you get a chance to do again something you loved doing so much the first time around.

At Docker my role is going to be very similar to my work at Puppet Labs setting up and building a services and support organization. One of the first things I’m going to be doing is hiring some professional services and support engineers so if you’re interested in a role working on some very cool tech then please email me. I’m also going to be developing a services and support catalogue so if there are things like training, implementation services or a support contract that interest you with Docker then also feel free to reach out to me.

I’m going to continue to be based in New York but I’ll be in the Bay fairly regularly and I suspect visiting customers and conferences to shoot the breeze about Docker.