Weechat notifications for Android


I spend a lot of time in IRC but I also spend a lot of time away from it too. I usually leave a Weechat session inside a screen session signed onto IRC 24x7. I have XMPP notifications set up from Weechat to have Jabber notify me when people say my name or private message me. That works fine for notifications to my laptop. It doesn’t, however, suit for sending notifications to my phone as I am often mobile and don’t have my laptop with me.

If you’re an iPhone user then there are lots of options available to you, like Boxcar for example, but Android users have a lot less choice. Especially since Notifo is going to shut down (it’s still running right now but apparently only for a little while longer).

After some searching I stumbled onto NotifyMyAndroid which provides exactly the service I was after. Using their excellent bindings I quickly added a simple Weechat plug-in to notify me when people private message me or my name is highlighted. You can find it here and instructions for deploying it are in the README file. You’ll also need the NotifyMyAndroid application installed on your phone.

Hope it helps someone!