The Packer Book


Announcing The Packer Book

I’m announcing my new book: The Packer Book. I’ve been using Packer for a couple of years now. It’s the best image builder currently available and dovetails neatly with configuration management tools and other Hashicorp tools like Terraform.

The book is a hands-on crash course. We cover installing Packer, building images, provisioning, Docker, writing infrastructure tests, and building more complex multi-platform build pipelines. We also delve into extending Packer with plug-ins and writing your own plug-ins. The table of contents is:

  • Introduction
  • Installing Packer
  • Building our first image
  • Provisioning
  • Using Packer with Docker
  • Writing tests for Packer images
  • Building pipelines
  • Extending Packer

The book is available now and there’s a sample chapter on the site to give you a taste.

You can buy online from me, from Amazon, Google Play Books, and Nook.