The Art of Monitoring released!

I am pleased to announce that The Art of Monitoring has been released!

It’s a hands-on and introductory guide to the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics. We start small and then build on what you learn to scale out to multi-site, multi-tier applications. The book is written for both developers and sysadmins. We focus on building monitored and measurable applications. We also use tools that are designed to handle the challenges of managing Cloud, containerised and distributed applications and infrastructure.

What’s in the book?

The book contains a roadmap for a comprehensive monitoring framework.

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Monitoring
  • Chapter 2: Monitoring, Metrics and Measurement
  • Chapter 3: Events and metrics with Riemann
  • Chapter 4: Metrics with Graphite and Grafana
  • Chapter 5: Host-based monitoring with collectd
  • Chapter 6: Hosts and services in Riemann
  • Chapter 7: Containers - another kind of host
  • Chapter 8: Logs and Logging with Logstash
  • Chapter 9: Building monitored applications
  • Chapter 10: Alerting and Alert Management
  • Chapters 11-13: Monitoring an application and stack
  • Appendix A: An introduction to Clojure

How do I get the book?

You get the book from the website or via Amazon Kindle.

Please let me know your thoughts or report any errata you might find! Thanks for reading!