I like scoreboards and tallies. I have an amazing penchant for becoming competitive about electronic totals: number of things done, changed, updated. I am really quite surprised I never got addicted to gold farming in WoW although I had an unhealthy interest in for a long time (when it was a LookSmart property - long story).

So when we started talking about running some public triages of tickets at Puppet Labs I decided we must have a tally board to score who changes the most tickets (or at least who games the system fastest to achieve the highest score).

So I set out to write a very quick and dirty tally board. I rather unimaginatively called it Tally. It’s written in Sinatra and uses DataMapper and an Sqlite3 database back-end. It takes a feed from a Redmine plug-in that generates events when tickets are updated. You can see a sample:

![Tally front page][1]

[1]: /images/posts/2011/10/Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 6.05.58 PM.png