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The Nagios fork - responses

In a previous post I mentioned that the Nagios project had grown a fork. I also mentioned that there might be dirty deeds linked to the rationale of the fork. Ethan Galstad, Nagios’ developer, has responded to events with a post on the Nagios blog. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of a response and it left me a little underwhelmed and a little confused. On one hand, Galstad welcomes the fork as a sign that the community is alive and well.

Lunch in Sydney

I had lunch with Brent, Sue and baby Taj in Sydney. Excellent Vietnamese in Dulich Hill. Nice table on the street and great food - I had some great Pho and rice paper rolls. And little Taj was most cute and for me - who doesn’t like most people’s kids that’s saying something.

Nagios project is forked... Hello ICINGA

The Nagios project has been forked. This will probably come as a surprise to a lot of people but I wasn’t overly shocked. To be honest I am surprised it took this long to happen. Nagios has always been a one man show - Ethan Galstad tightly controls its development and lifecycle. Whilst licensed as open source the project (outside of the Nagios Plugins) was largely architected, coded and run by Ethan with only a small number of user- contributed patches being applied.

Your Application is a Rotting Old Shack, Now What? (Phase 1)

This great article -Last In - First Out: Your Application is a Rotting Old Shack, Now What? - tells some serious truths about how badly a lot of application development is conducted. Though perhaps a better description of the failed processes would be “application management” or “application lifecycle”. The Phase 1 of this “application lifecycle” generally works like this: Company identifies need for Application Company decides internal team can’t develop Application and they decide to buy off-the-shelf Application.

Puppet 0.25.0beta1 released!

The beta1 release of Puppet 0.25.0 has been released! This is a big woot! This represents a mountain of work for Luke and a number of contributors to Puppet (including me! :P). It’s been about 18-24 months in the making since Luke first started tossing ideas around and cutting code. We’re not fully there yet. This is a beta release after all but it’s well on the way and with sufficient testing we should get a release candidate out within the month I hope.