James Turnbull


If I had my hand full of truth, I would take good care how I opened it

Git ... oh my

In recent projects I’ve been using a lot of git and I love it. As a distributed source control tool it’s brilliant. This is particularly true when you need to gather and manage a wide variety of disparate patches and commits. On the projects I work on we get patches via a lot of paths: Diffs attached to tickets Diffs sent via email Git branches and cherry picks With the former two paths we (mostly me) have been cutting and pasting patch diffs into files or using wget.

OpenSourceBridge and Portland

I am just back from OpenSourceBridge in Portland, Oregon. I went to run a panel on configuration management that went pretty well - no fireworks which I think many were hoping for. I also went to see Luke and shoot the breeze and talk Puppet stuff. I also got to hang around Portland, one of my favourite cities, and visit some cool restaurants, bars, Powell’s - which is the world’s most rocking bookshop, and catch up with some friends.

Hudson and Amazon EC2

So my biggest gripe with Hudson is build nodes. In Puppet land we need to run our tests on a wide variety of platforms - it’s a system/configuration management tool that runs on just about every flavour of *nix (and soon to be Windows) around: Linux (a bucket load of distros), *BSD, OSX, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, amongst others. We need to ensure it builds, runs and configures things on these platforms and that new features and functions don’t break things.