The Terraform Book Open for Pre-Orders

The Terraform Book open for pre-orders 🔗︎

The Terraform Book is nearly done (just a few copy edits and tech reviews to complete) and I hope to have it released in the next few weeks. As such I am opening up pre-orders today!

You can pre-order from this site:

This way you can order now and as soon as the book is released you’ll receive a copy immediately!

Amazon, Google Play and Nook will be available when the book is released.

The book contains:

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Terraform
  • Chapter 2: Installing Terraform
  • Chapter 3: Building our first application
  • Chapter 4: Provisioning and Terraform
  • Chapter 5: Collaborating with Terraform
  • Chapter 6: Building a multi-environment architecture
  • Chapter 7: Infrastructure testing

You can find a sample of Chapter 3 here:

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