Portland to New York

So the big news of the week is that The Girl and I are relocating from Portland to New York in December. Specifically to Brooklyn because you really can’t be a Portlander without living in Brooklyn I’ve been reliably told.

We’ve enjoyed living in Portland but we’ve decided that if we’re going to stay in the US for a few more years we’d like to try living somewhere some other places too. I also have a craving for a bigger city. Portland is the smallest place I’ve ever lived and I am very much a man of concrete and skyscapers.

We’ve got a new place in downtown Brooklyn just the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge and we’re looking forward to having a whole new city to explore. I’ll be back in Portland for work fairly regularly and if you’re in New York then look us up and say hello. We’ll have a line on the best places for cocktails and food shortly.

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