Puppet and Flowdock

I’ve written a Puppet report processor that allows you to notify Flowdock - a nifty tool for team collaboration - of failed Puppet runs.

It requires the flowdock gem to be installed on your Puppet master:

$ sudo gem install flowdock

You can then install puppet-flowdock as a module in your Puppet master’s modulepath. Now update the flowdock_api_key variable in the /etc/puppet/flowdock.yaml with your Flowdock API key.

Then enable pluginsync and reports on your master and clients in puppet.conf including specifying the flowdock report processor.

report = true
reports = flowdock
pluginsync = true
report = true
pluginsync = true

Finally, run the Puppet client and sync the report as a plugin and hey presto you’re logging failures to Flowdock.

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