Puppet Growl

Today’s report processor is

Puppet Growl 🔗︎

It sends failed reports as Growl notifications to a Growl server. Firstly, install the ruby-growl gem on your Puppet master:

$ sudo gem install ruby-growl

Then install puppet-growl as a module in your Puppet master’s module path. Update the growl_server variables in the growl.yaml file with the IP address of the host to receive the Growl notification and copy the file to /etc/puppet/. An example file is included.

On your Growl host enable the “Listen for incoming connections” and “Allow remote application registration” options in your Growl configuration. Ensure UDP port 9887 is open on the host and on any firewalls in between the Puppet master and the host.

Lastly, enable pluginsync and reports on your master and clients in puppet.conf:

report = true
reports = growl
pluginsync = true
report = true
pluginsync = true

And run the Puppet client and sync the report as a plugin. Your Puppet master should now send Growl notifications to your target host whenever a Puppet run fails.

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