Puppet and DataDog

Some of you may have seen the awesome new metrics, graphing and event platform from DataDog. It’s currently in beta and well worth a look. I saw it at Velocity two weeks ago and knew I had to write an integration with Puppet. So here ‘tis! I’ve added a Puppet report processor that sends metrics and events to the DataDog API. To use it install the dogapi gem on your Puppet master

$ sudo gem install dogapi

Then install puppet-datadog as a module in your Puppet master’s modulepath and update the datadog_api_key variable in the datadog.yaml file with your Datadog API key and copy the file to /etc/puppet/. Enable pluginsync and reports on your master and clients in puppet.conf

        report = true
        reports = datadog
        pluginsync = true
        report = true
        pluginsync = true

Finally run the Puppet client and sync the report as a plugin.

P.S. Also available is a DataDog Puppet module to install the Datadog agent.

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