Pro Puppet

So the last chapter of Pro Puppet went to the publishers earlier this week. I just finished up the Introduction a few minutes ago and shot that off to our editor. Jeff and I are pretty excited about how it has turned out (barring it took us a long time to get done - we’re sorry! - because life and work kept getting in the way). The book looks to be published this month probably at the end of the month or at the very start of May. The book covers the 2.6.x release (and explains differences between 0.25.x and later releases). It also covers Puppet in a lot more detail than I was able to in the earlier Pulling Strings with Puppet book. Indeed as you can see from the final table of contents it’s a pretty solid overview of the current state of Puppet (and MCollective!):

  1. Getting Started with Puppet
  2. Building Hosts with Puppet
  3. Working with Environments
  4. Puppet Scalability
  5. Externalizing Puppet Configuration
  6. Exporting and Storing Configuration
  7. Puppet Consoles: Dashboard and The Foreman
  8. Tools and Integration
  9. Reporting with Puppet
  10. Extending Facter and Puppet
  11. MCollective
  12. Working with Puppet

P.S. And yes. The book has an index.

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