Logging a Good Bug Report Is Easy

So I handle a lot of bug tickets. A lot. I’ve triaged maybe 5000 tickets in the last couple of years across multiple projects. Some tickets are easy to triage, others not so much. So what makes some tickets easy to handle and others not? Information. Good information. To log a simple, effective and easy to deal with bug tell me:

  • Have you provided a clear explanation of your problem and any required context?
  • Have you provided the maximum level of verbosity and debugging output?
  • What is the version affected?
  • What are the versions of any associated tools?
  • What is your platform?
  • Is it reproducible?
  • Can you document the steps to reproduce it so that happens every time?
  • Does it happen on any other machines?
  • Do you think this bug matters and, if so, how much?
  • Did you search the bug database, forums, groups or Google first?

This isn’t hard and the time it saves now providing this information saves me going back and forth with you and getting us to a fix faster and more effectively.

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