Porting Mootbot to Rbot

On my TODO list since about …. 2009 I think … has been the idea that I should port the Ubuntu project’s Mootbot to Rbot. I use Rbot quite a lot to run bots in various IRC channels - most principally gepetto who lurks in the #puppet, #puppet-dev and #redmine channels and provides helpful information about bugs, links, commits and the like to the members of those channels. The Ubuntu Mootbot is used by the Scribes team to run and summarise meetings on IRC. It allows you to start meetings, set topics, run votes, and track actions, agreements, ideas and links. It then outputs the results to a webpage. It’s currently an Eggdrop script. I’ve done a basic port of the script to an Rbot plug-in. All the meeting, voting and tracking functionality is present but the website output is not yet implemented. It’s a fully functional version though that will allow you to run meetings and voting. It’s a little rough in places and needs some refactoring and documentation but it’s quite usable. You can find the code (you’ll need to have or install Rbot too) at my GitHub site.

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