OSCON 2010: Puppet Tutorial Pre-Work

I’m running a beginner’s introduction to Puppet at OSCON 2010 and attendees need to do some basic set-up prior to the tutorial. 1. We’ll be using a CentOS 5.4 image as the basis for the tutorial - you can download it from here. If you don’t want to download the image you can create your own by installing CentOS 5.4 and adding the EPEL repository. 2. You can run it in VMWare Player, VMWare Fusion, etc (or VirtualBox - for VirtualBox you need to use the Virtual Media Manager to add the vmdk file and then create a new VirtualBox machine using that drive image.) NOTE: Apparently there are some issues with the image and VirtualBox. We’re looking into it. I will provide a small number of USB keys with the image on it and copies of VirtualBox but generally expect that people will download and install the requirements prior to the tutorial. You can elect to use your own host but if so I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to do everything in the tutorial or that if you have issues that we’ll be able to resolve them during the tutorial.

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