Puppet 0.25.4 Released!

You wanted “release early, release often” and the Puppet team has delivered! The 0.25.4 release is a maintenance release (with one important feature - pre/post transaction hooks - discussed below) in the 0.25.x branch. The release primarily addresses a regression introduced in 0.25.3 that caused issues with creating cron jobs. The release is available at: http://reductivelabs.com/downloads/puppet/puppet-0.25.4.tar.gz http://reductivelabs.com/downloads/gems/puppet-0.25.4.gem http://gemcutter.org/gems/puppet Please note that all final releases of Puppet are signed with the Reductive Labs key - http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/wiki/DownloadingPuppet#verifying... Please report feedback via the Reductive Labs Redmine site: http://projects.reductivelabs.com Please select an affected version of 0.25.4 RELEASE NOTES Pre/Post Transaction hooks There is a new feature in this release: pre and post transaction hooks. These hooks allow you to specify commands that should be run pre and post a Puppet configuration transaction. They are set with the prerun_command and postrun_command settings in the puppet.conf configuration file.

prerun_command = /bin/runbeforetransaction
postrun_command = /bin/runaftertransaction

The command must exit with 0, i.e. succeed, otherwise the transaction will fail - if the pre command fails before the transaction is run and if the post command fails at the end of the transaction. CHANGELOG * Bug #2845: Cron entries using “special” parameter lose their title when changed * Bug #3001: Can’t manage broken links * Bug #3039: 0.25.3 gem spec specifies the executables incorrectly * Bug #3075: sshkey host aliases broken by fix for #2813 * Bug #3088: Puppetd fails to stop after receiving SIGTERM * Bug #3089: puppetlast gsub! error * Bug #3093: Blastwave provider broken in 0.25.3 * Bug #3104: Test failed: Puppet::Network::XMLRPCClient when performing the rpc call and an exception is raised.should log and raise XMLRPCClientError if Timeout::Error is raised * Bug #3112: Problem with adding and removing crons * Bug #3122: Uncharacterized failure in fileserving under OS X * Bug #3125: Dpkg tests failing * Feature #2914: Transactions should have before and after hooks

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