Getting Help for Puppet and Facter

I just thought I’d mention some of the places you can get help with Puppet and Facter. The first is the Puppet users mailing list (and for development related questions - the puppet-dev list too) Also available is the #puppet IRC channel on Freenode where a lot of helpful people lurk and can answer questions (needless to say a lot of really interesting sysadmin related rant^H^H^H discussion also takes places there too). Feel free to join and jump right in with a question and if you’re pasting in configuration or log output don’t forget to use the pastie bot or link to a pastie of your data. For the documentation you can find it at the Wiki (we’re working on a new one - really, we are…). Some useful links are the Configuration and Type References and the Language Tutorial. Finally, if you’ve got a bug or an error message or you’re just stuck and can’t find help in some of the places I’ve just mentioned then we’d love it if you would log a ticket at the Reductive Labs Redmine site: Specifically you can log issues for Puppet or Facter. Please remember to include the Puppet (or Facter) version you are using (select it from the Affected Version drop-down), your platform and any log or trace output you have. We recommend running your master and client with the –verbose –trace –debug options to get the most possible data out before logging the ticket. That’ll help us resolve your issue. And obviously I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention (disclaimer - I don’t work for Reductive Labs but Luke buys me drinks and I’d like him to be able to continue to do that) that Reductive does sell support for Puppet. Hope that helps someone!

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