Creating a New GPG Key and Revoking the Old One

So every couple of years I need to recreate my GPG key and revoke the old one. This is a fairly annoying as it is a whole set of commands that I seem to mentally blank immediately after use - the same with SSL certificates - thank dog for and automation. :) So this time when I needed my new key I thought I’d see if someone else had instructions. And lo and behold Google found a really good HOWTO at Ana’s blog Blog Archive Creating a new GPG key. Even if you don’t have a good grasp of what you’re doing the HOWTO steps through the process of creating a new key and subkeys and the other associated cross-signing etc guff that I can never remember. The only thing it doesn’t do is explain how to revoke the old key but Google came through again and you can find a simple set of instructions on how to do too. So you can find my new key here. P.S. Of course I did forget to sign the new key with the old key before I revoked it …. idiot. :)

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