Puppet Extras .... Denizens of the Puppet Ext Directory

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages…. In the Puppet tarball is a directory called “ext” that contains some extras that aren’t exactly mainline but could be useful to people. You can see it’s current contents here. So the “ext” directory has got a number of useful tools, scripts and add-ons including: dqfix.sql - A script to remove duplicate resources from a MySQL Stored Configuration database emacs - An emacs mode for editing Puppet manifests ldap - The Puppet LDAP schema logcheck - Puppet configuration for logcheck nagios/check_puppet.rb - A Nagios plug-in for monitoring Puppet nagios/naggen - An application to generate Nagios configuration from a Stored Configuration database. module_puppet - Runs a puppet script as a cfengine module puppetlast - Command-line tool to checks the status of your clients and when they last connected puppetlisten - A daemon to trigger Puppet runs on clients puppetstoredconfigclean.rb - a script to clean a host’s data from a stored configuration database puppet-test - A script to measure Puppet client performance rack - A Puppet module for configuring Puppet with Passenger/Rack/mod_rails vim - Syntax highlighting and manifest editing support for Vim P.S. These are offered without warranty and we make no guarantees that they all work.

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