Nagios Project Is Forked... Hello ICINGA

The Nagios project has been forked. This will probably come as a surprise to a lot of people but I wasn’t overly shocked. To be honest I am surprised it took this long to happen. Nagios has always been a one man show - Ethan Galstad tightly controls its development and lifecycle. Whilst licensed as open source the project (outside of the Nagios Plugins) was largely architected, coded and run by Ethan with only a small number of user- contributed patches being applied. In fact I am not even sure anyone other than Ethan has commit rights to the Nagios core. I’ll be interested to see how the ICINGA (a Zulu word meaning “it looks for”, “it browses”, “it examines”) expands and grows and whether it does attract members of the Nagios community. P.S. Apparently there is drama around the fork - j’accuse stuff around a commercial company that uses Nagios - so it may be that the fork isn’t altruistic. Time will tell.

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