Configuration Management Panel at Open Source Bridge - Portland June 2009

So, because I have so much copious spare time, I am running a panel on Configuration Management at OpenSourceBridge in Portland. The panel is on June 18th and entails: Configuration management tools are finally coming into their own. Powerful, automated infrastructure management is now available in a wide variety of open source tools. Tools written in different languages, using varying operational methodologies and embracing differing philosophies. Come meet some of the creators and maintainers of these cutting edge tools like cfengine, Puppet, AutomateIT, Chef, and bcfg2 and quiz them in the why and hows of their tools and the philosophies behind them. The panel includes the following cool participants: - Luke Kanies from Reductive Labs for Puppet - Brendan Strejcek of Cfengine - Adam Jacob from Opscode for Chef - Narayan Desai of bcfg2 - Igal Koshevoy of AutomateIt If you have any interest in CM or operations automation I strongly recommend you attend.

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